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Want to show your appreciation for Glossa? Please consider making a donation to one of our favorite charities.

The Gazelle Foundation The Gazelle Foundation was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas by a group of runners interested in helping others. The Foundation’s formation was inspired by Gilbert Tuhabonye, a Burundi survivor of the Hutu/Tutsi civil upheaval of the 1980’s and 90’s which continues to this day.

The Gazelle Foundation implements charitable efforts to improve life for people in Burundi and offers assistance to children of our community. The Foundation was founded by runners seeking to encourage the entire community to support victims of adversity through running-related programs.

The Foundation’s efforts are unifying and non tribe-specific. In Burundi the Foundation will focus on providing shoes, potable water sources, timely access to medical care, and housing for displaced residents. In Central Texas, the Foundation gives back to its community by providing enriching opportunities to actively engage youth in physically fit, healthful lifestyles through awareness, education and participation.


Heifer International Heifer International works to end world hunger by providing animals of all kinds to hungry people so they can be used to make a living. The catalogue is really cool, because you can literally buy a goat or a flock of ducks for a family. Heifer International also works for just and sustainable development, HIV-AIDS prevention, agroecology, animal welface, microenterprise, urban agriculture, and gender equity. Heifer has learned over the years that a holistic approach is necessary in order to build sustainable communities. So they have developed a set of global initiatives – areas of emphasis that must be addressed if we are to meet our mission of ending world hunger and poverty and caring for the earth.


More charities will be added as we go. Also, please feel free to donate in our honor to a charity of your choice.