Art and the Other: Can We See Each Other?


Whom do we fear? Or hide from? Or scapegoat? Or stigmatize? Why does difference divide us? How can we move beyond  assumptions and stereotypes to recognize  our common humanity and appreciate our distinctive gifts?

picasso image

Join us on Friday evenings in the season of Lent as we explore these and similar questions through a variety of artistic media. As parables shift our perspective on the ordinary, so art may help us to see the other in a way we normally do not. With new in-sight, we can be transformed to see “the other” anew.

Art and the Other discovers and celebrates the power of words, music, and images to reveal, connect, and transform.

Fridays at 7 p.m. at All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

February 22:    Art and the Other: The Homeless Other

March 1:          Art and the Other: The Religious Other

March 8:         Art and the Other: Rhyme on the Other Side

March 15:      Art and the Other: The Assumption of the Other

March 22:      Art and the Other: The Mentally Different Other