September 19–Guy Forsythe and AnneMarie Jensen


GuyForsyth_300x225Our first Actually Unplugged concert in the All Saints’ sanctuary was a rousing success thanks to all of you who showed up. Let’s keep the ball rolling for the next entry. At 8:00 on Thursday, September 19, get ready for the legendary Guy Forsythe and Denmark’s Annemarie Jensen. We hope you’re as excited for it as we are.annemarie-jensen_src_1


Weekly Update: August 19


I should probably start off with an introduction. My name is Tito Kohout, and, as of two weeks ago, I’m the Community Curator here at the Front Porch. What does a Community Curator do? Boy, that’s a good question, and I don’t have any not-vague way to answer it. I’m writing press releases and working on getting the website updated and acting as a sounding board for Padre Kinney’s ideas. Things are good.


This is shaping up to be a good week for the Front Porch. We’ve got a big event scheduled for 7:00 on Thursday in the All Saints’ sanctuary. In conjunction with the Live Music Capital Foundation, we’re presenting Will Taylor and Strings Attached with John Pointer, who are as talented a bunch of musicians as you’ll find anywhere. Come on out for some awesome tunes in an awesome acoustic space.


We’ve got plenty of other events on tap, as well. Check out our calendar section. We should have the line-ups finalized for the newest incarnation of the Elephant in the Room series, which is going to be about the apocalypse. We’ve had a lot of fun in the office brainstorming about it with each other and anyone else we can rope into a discussion, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be just as entertaining for everyone else.
Our other news is that we’re working on acquiring our own space. All Saints’ has been great (and getting a key to the church I attended as a kid has made my nine-year-old self cackle maniacally), but getting our own space is going to be really exciting. Stay posted.



will taylorAUSTIN, TX – Two local non-profits are partnering to produce a fall concert series that will showcase live music in a unique acoustic space.

The Front Porch and The Live Music Capital Foundation are kicking off the “Actually Unplugged” fall concert series on August 22 at 8 p.m. at the All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

The first concert in the series will feature two Austin Music Award Winners: Will Taylor and Strings Attached and John Pointer. “I’m really looking forward to this concert series,” said John Pointer. “I think the audience will be fascinated by how powerful music is, even when it’s unamplified.”

The fall concert series will continue through December on the third Thursday of every month. All shows will take place at the All Saints’ Episcopal Church and a $10 donation is suggested.

The Front Porch works to cultivate the community with live music, discussions, events and gatherings in Austin.

The Live Music Capital Foundation gives donors a place to put community capital into local live music, improving the concert experience for everyone.