We began in 2000 as a group of friends who would convene on the front porch to ask the big questions: What are the great challenges we face as a culture? Who or what should we be caring about? How do we talk about God in a post-traditional and secularizing world? Along the way, we discovered that, no matter what we spoke about, the act of discussion, of airing our differences, of speaking and of earnestly listening, was both empowering and entertaining.

We kept meeting on porches, in dining rooms, and at restaurants around Austin. In 2009, we decided to go public. We thought (and still think) that the Front Porch offered a unique area in which artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries could converse with each other and the public about what made them tick and why it was a big deal. By 2011, we’d become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization partnered with All Saints’ Episcopal Church. We’re currently working on finding our own specific space.


We curate programs in festive space to engage people dialogically in order to build and strengthen the community because of, rather than in spite of its differences, providing opportunities for people to connect with and appreciate one another in our busy and often divided world.

While rooted in the Christian tradition, the Front Porch excludes no one. All are invited to come and participate in its events and share their experiences, beliefs, and perspectives so that we all may learn and grow. Open and respectful discussions about a myriad of topics are welcomed and facilitated.

Our goal is to eventually curate a physical space in Austin which will be a combination of restaurant, coffee shop, bar, and music venue that is, above all, a safe and comfortable community gathering place for anyone who wants to engage in dialogue, hear good music, or just get a cup of coffee or a beer.


IMG_1695Reverend Doctor Stephen Kinney is the founder and Executive Director of the Front Porch. After serving communities in Houston, New York City, and Fredericksburg, he returned to Austin for his PhD in Educational Psychology. He spends much of his time negotiating the tension that arises from his eclectic and postmodern interests.

thumbnail portraitTito Kohout is our Project Manager. He has a BA in English from UT. He’s  worked as a teacher, tutor, solar installer, and, with varying degrees of legality, as a barrista and bouncer. His interests include the intersection of classical mythology, sports, and cats.

Patricia Boyce is our Events Coordinator.


Mike Adams

Neil Blumofe

John Burnett

Matt Dow

Martin and Heather Kohout

Lucy Nazro

David Saenz

Mark Winter



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NOTE: The Front Porch Project, Inc. is a Texas nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; EIN 20-8225492