The Third Order, Society of St. Francis

Redesign of existing site and provide ongoing help in updating.

From the client:

Clint is and was terrific.

His redesign of our website transformed a static digital billboard into a dynamic destination to help us in our ongoing efforts to create a multimedia archives of the Order over the last 100 years.

The slideshows at various places on the site help us to highlight the diverse character of our members and of our ministries and interests, while maintaining economic use of screen real estate and avoiding overly embedded structures.

As a former lecturer on interface design, I thoroughly enjoy the ease of navigation on the site, and the presence of multi-lingual materials.

Clint Hagen’s website work was effective, speedy, and very well done.

- The Rev. R. John Brockmann

Retired Professor, author of Writing Better Computer User Documentation: From Paper to Hypertext, Version 2.0 (John Wiley)

Current Minister Provincial, Third Order of St. Francis, Province of the Americas



tssf-screencapThe Third Order is a group of men and women dedicated to living out the spiritual teachings of St. Francis of Assisi in the modern world outside of the monastery or convent. The previous site needed a fairly savvy webmaster to manage and update it, so we moved it to WordPress. The look and feel reflects the simplicity of St. Francis, and the navigation includes areas for Portuguese and Spanish speakers.


Technologies: WordPress (PHP / MySQL / jQuery / CSS)

Tasks: Update site to better reflect the order’s values and provide ways for non-programmers to update content.


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